Get More Sleep! (part 2)

If only it were as simple as putting your head on the pillow and dropping off.  But for many people, sleep isn’t this easy.. Are you getting the recommended 7 hours per night?

It’s a great start to help your body unwind physically (see Get More Sleep Part 1), but there are some other ways that you can help yourself.

Here are some tips to get yourself in the sleep zone:

Calm bedroom space

Is your bedroom a calm space for you?  If not, how can you change it to make it feel like a peaceful place to be?  

It may be that you have had to use it as an office whilst you work from home – if so, can you clear all signs of work away before bed?  The same applies to any areas of distracting clutter – try to tidy them out of your sleeping space.

Make a habit of charging your mobile phone outside of your bedroom at all times. Blue light keeps your brain alert when it is time to relax, so removing the temptation to check it can be hugely helpful (as well as protecting yourself from unnecessary electromagnetic frequencies).

Invest in an alarm clock instead of using the one on your phone if necessary.

Wind down routine

We all know that a bedtime routine is important for children, but did you ever give your own bedtime routine any thought?

What signals the end of the day to you?  Can you make sure that you begin by avoiding any stimulating activity like vigorous exercise or difficult work in the later evening?

A relaxing shower or bath can work miracles, and you can add in some calming oils like ylang ylang, bergamot or lavender.

Going to bed early enough to allow time for a calming activity can be helpful.  This could be reading a book, writing, drawing, practising some calming yoga or meditating – something that you enjoy and will look forward to.

Try to keep a consistent bedtime if possible – a consistent routine helps us feel safe and secure and reduces stress. Make sure that you start your routine well before you want to go to sleep so you can luxuriate in this time.

When you commit to looking after your sleep, the small changes add up.  It is an investment in so many ways – making sure that you get enough good-quality sleep will have an impact on your mood, energy and vitality.

If you feel that you need some help with your sleep, do get in touch.  Homeopathic remedies as well as Homeobotanicals can really help.