Get More Sleep! (part 2)

28th May 2021

If only it were as simple as putting your head on the pillow and dropping off.  But for many people, sleep isn’t this easy.. Are you getting the recommended 7 hours per night? It’s a great start to help your body unwind physically (see Get More Sleep Part 1), but there are some other ways that
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Get More Sleep! (part 1)

27th February 2021

An important pillar of health is getting a good night’s sleep.   If you are not feeling so great, sleep is the number one thing you can do to help yourself – an early night with a long, refreshing sleep.   This is elusive to many people.  I estimate that 70% of the people who come to
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When I used to live in London I found that the pollution from the underground was starting to give me hay fever-like symptoms. On moving to the countryside these disappeared and I didn’t have to think about it. Then a few years ago my eldest daughter started to really suffer with hay fever – red,
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